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Christian Education


Children's Sunday School
We are looking forward to another exciting year of Sunday School! Children in preschool through third grade are welcome to join us each Sunday as we teach from the "Spirit of the Seasons" curriculum. This is an opportunity to share, grow, and learn about the lessons of Jesus with our friends. Sally Campbell, Gloria Labrecque and Mary Beyer will also plan service crafts once a month for the children to give to Wayside Community Meals. If you would like to help with Sunday School or teaching, please contact Melissa Knoll or Elizabeth Holland.


Our year is coming to end as the mighty 5th through 7th grade JYG crew. We've had terrific fun, fostered deeper relationships with our larger church family, and learned more about one another and ourselves.

June 4 - Stay in worship with our church family for communion
June 11- Assist in the celebration of our merged church's 5th birthday! Please arrive at church by 10:10 am to receive directions and assume positions. Bring your smile and be ready for cake!

Then we're on summer hiatus. Be on the lookout for summer newsletter and email information about what happens with JYG starting in September!

As always, all youth in grades 5 through 7 are welcome to join in at any time.  For more information, contact Karen Verdelli at 207-318-8778 or .


SYG making sandwichesSenior Youth Group (SYG) turned out in full force for a "make your own breakfast sandwich" morning in May. As we enjoyed eating our creations, we talked about Bible passages having to do with volunteering and serving. Do you know any? If not, look for our bulletin board with a few we found.
We also talked about the many opportunities we've had to volunteer and serve with Youth Group, and about future opportunities. One of these is helping with the upcoming Family Promise program. SYG will be taking responsibility for set-up and take-down of all the beds used during each of the four weeks that Williston-Immanuel hosts Family Promise. In addition, we hope to volunteer our time to help with a meal and/or offer homework help to children who are part of the program. Exciting stuff!

June Senior Youth Group Events

June 4 -  Family Promise information meeting after worship. Meet in Fellowship Hall at 11:30 for lunch and a quick meeting about what we'll be doing with the Family Promise program.
June 11 - WIUC 5th anniversary celebration. Youth Group will help set up for the party. Meet in Fellowship Hall after Passing of the  Peace.
Coming Summer of 2017: 1 year NYE reunion party, summer hiking with  SYG.


June finds us winding down the program year for the Adult Forum. Some new avenues of presentation and study are being contemplated for next year, and Jeremy Young will share some of his thoughts and gather your feedback concerning them on June 4. If time permits, this time may also include our usual opportunity for reflection and feedback on classes of the year past.

Many thanks go to the many contributors of the year - Sandy Cranford and Andrea McCall, Brenda Moulton and Lydia Hews, Paula Costin and the Senior Youth Group, Peter Heinrichs, Ash Nickerson, Linda Riddell and Joe Roberts, Bob Russell, Kathleen Scott, Deborah Davis-Johnson, J. Barrie Shepherd, Jeremy Young, Linda Russell, and Bill Holt.

As you can see, we have an absolute wealth of knowledge, insight, and teaching talent in our church family, and I encourage ALL to come out for the Adult Forum, not just to be educated, but to engage in lively and meaningful dialogue with other church members, dialogue that is precious and hard to come by in the fast-paced, sound bite-crazed world we live in.

You'll find the doors of the Greenough Chapel open most every Sunday morning before worship at 9:30; come join us!

Program year resumes in September 2017. We hope to see you there. Bring a friend! For more information, contact Rob Warner at 294-2036 or

Where: WIUC parlors
When: TBA.
FMI: Sylvia Nickels, 797-5366